1,000,000 ordinary people as customer / shareholders.

Leverage being "public" to drive growth, profitability, and provide on-demand liquidity.

Have 250,000 members and be cash flow positive by September, 2018.

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We leverage the power of equity ownership and the hope of exponential growth in an early stage company to motivate the 99% to shop at 1,700 online retailers. Customers get equity in iConsumer plus FREE Bitcoin with every purchase. For many of the 99%, scared of Wall Street, it's their first time owning a public stock.

All without risking cash.

The allure of ownership is working. When we launched out of beta in early February, 2017 we had 15,000 members. At the end of June, we had over 38,000. And today -- what's the above ticker say? Each member represents potentially $100s in market cap, $10s a year in profit. They're primed to shop when we get our FINRA assigned ticker symbol, and the need to shop for the holidays hits.

All this in a market where the old-school players had enormous exits.


Free Bitcoin.
Free Stock.
Save money.

Get free Bitcoin while taking advantage of great deals...plus, stock in our company.
The stores pay for it because they want you to shop at them.

  • 1 800 Flowers
  • Petsmart
  • Ebay
  • Target
  • Expedia
  • Shutterfly
  • Overstock
  • Staples
  • Walgreens
  • Nieman Marcus


Cash flow positive results are estimated to occur around the 250,000 member level.


Massive exits for companies built the old-school way.
What happens when every customer is a shareholder, and every shareholder a customer?


We're raising capital via Crowdfunder, the preeminent equity crowdfunding site. The raise will fund member aquisition during the vital holiday shopping season and beyond.

Invest before September 29, 2017 and receive an additional conversion discount. At conversion, your price will be $.075/share. We last sold at $.09. After that, the conversion price will be 75% of the then current offering price (.09/share at the anticipated offering price of $.12/share).

We're doing this raise to bridge us until we get our FINRA assigned ticker symbol, at which time our Series A Non Voting Preferred will be quoted on the OTC. We're offering 8% 3 yr. convertible debt, interest only, convertible into restricted Series A Non-Voting Preferred at any time after we receive our ticker symbol.

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1,000,000 people making a difference together.
Creating wealth, prosperity, and opportunity for the crowd.

We're changing the faces of Wall Street.

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