Our Mission

To give ordinary people an ownership stake in a publicly-traded startup so that they can experience the risks and rewards of capitalism.


Two reasons. First, because we think the world will be a better place if more people are involved in the fabric of our economy. Second, because it's a really cool way to build a great big business where the people who really build the business, the members, share in potentially great rewards. Instead of Wall Street or some faceless venture capitalist making the big bucks, it's ordinary people who get the chance to win.


By making it free. Members earn ownership (not miles or points, but real equity) of iConsumer every time they shop at participating online retailers. iConsumer is publicly traded under the RWRDP symbol.


iConsumer was founded by the iGive.com team. It's their dream to have every member be a shareholder, and every shareholder be a member.

Rob Grosshandler, Co-Founder & CEO

Rob had the idea. He loves creating companies and has founded many successful business ventures including iGive, eComXpo, The SOFTA Group, and Outsourced Site Services. This time he wanted to create a different kind of company where everyone is a shareholder and owner.

Kimberly Logan, Co-Founder & Director of Retail Relationships

Kim has wrangled over 2300 top retailers for iConsumer to make sure iConsumer has the best deals and offers. She brings over 8 years of affiliate marketing experience, and attended the University of Michigan-Flint and the London Academy of Performing Arts. She's a first-time co-founder.